Smart Capital

We are very pleased to welcome everyone to our new website.

The exercise of creating a marketing plan and our website was challenging, because it forced us to articulate our value, write it down, and then try to phrase it in a way that doesn’t bore people. After working on this for a few weeks, we found ourselves repeatedly using the word “smart” to distinguish quality thoughts, ideas and approaches to business and investing.

The premise, for example, is that a smart idea is different than just an idea. Anyone can have an idea (it seems that the finance world is flooded with ideas), but what makes it smart is the time, patience and commitment that goes into developing a knowledge base which forms the idea.

Similarly, smart capital is different from capital. There are many investment companies (it seems that the finance world is flooded with these too), but few supply more value than just the money. Smart Capital is a promise to our partners that we will provide smart ideas, thoughts and most importantly a commitment to long-term investing.

We encourage those visiting this site to learn more about our set of core values and principles that govern our behaviour.

Lastly, to our partners, we have changed our name from Mill Street Funding Partners Inc. to Mill Street & Co. We felt that this name was more reflective of who we are as a company. At our core, we are not really “partners who fund” but are an investment firm who represents a group of people and companies. When we perform any action, we know that this has to be reflective of the partnerships which we have built. Mill Street & Co., for us, carries this commitment.

If you like the look of our website – “our virtual office” – we would love to have you visit our new corporate office located at 7616 Yonge St. The door is always open and we look forward to seeing you there.


Noah Murad