A sustainable approach to SMART Capital™

Toronto-based Mill Street & Co. has recently undergone a fundamental branding transformation once it became evident that they are much more than a traditional investment company. With a disciplined approach to investing, Mill Street & Co. brings their SMART Capital™ methodology to companies that have real growth potential and invests both monetarily and operationally to drive success.

How is this different from a traditional VC or private equity company?

Where a traditional Venture Capital company takes start-ups and high-risk companies and infuses them with cash for a short-term boost, the team at Mill Street & Co. sees value in working with stable companies with a long-term predictable income that will provide recurring revenue streams and sustainable returns to its clients. A long-term, sustainable outlook that delivers real returns for all stakeholders … that’s the difference.

Shikhar Ghosh, a senior lecturer at Harvard Business School, estimates that 30-40% of high-potential startups liquidate their assets and lose all their investors’ money. About three-quarters don’t recoup the invested capital. And roughly 95% never reach the projected revenue or breakeven point.

Intelligently managing growth is more than just infusing cash into a business. It requires a more involved and operational approach to ensure a return of real value from its operating companies on a predictable, long-term basis. SMART Capital™ looks beyond the infusion of cash into a business, and provides the financial, operating and strategic acumen to support an exponentially stronger commitment to value creation and the real growth of a company. This is not about short-term profits derived from flipping companies after stripping them down, or betting on finding a unicorn amongst a herd of horses. It’s about building a powerful operating strategy on top of a sound foundation so that each operation has the opportunity to be a market leader and drive real value creation.

Mill Street & Co. is Sought After for the Real Value It Brings to a Business as an investment company

Mill Street & Co. is comprised of professionals with proven experience in creating successful businesses and providing long-term financial rewards to stakeholders. Beyond capital, Mill Street delivers two key elements of extended value that should matter to those looking to grow their business through an influx of capital – mentorship, resources and a sustainable business model focused on the long-term.

Post-investment involvement is where the real value lies. Looking at business structures to determine how to strengthen financial management, human capital, corporate culture, operations, strategy, development, networking, risk management and reporting and analysis is where Mill Street & Co. brings real value to its shareholders and its operating partners.

About Mill Street & Co. Investment Company

Mill Street & Co. is a diversified North American company that owns and operates a diverse group of North American companies, employing more than 1,000 exceptional people who create real value every day. Mill Street generates sustainable, long-term growth through the intelligent allocation of capital. Our partners rely on us to maximize shareholder value while minimizing dilution. It’s an approach to business management that we are proud to stand behind. An approach that we call SMART Capital™. www.millstreetco.com

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