Mill Street & Co. provides diversified products and services to valued customers across Canada and the United States. Our diverse group of operating subsidiaries are grouped within three industry pillars.

Construction, Commercial & Home Services

Mill Street & Co. Construction, Commercial & Home Services Division provides construction and construction services to commercial and residential customers across Ontario.

Services: Construction, energy retrofit, HVAC, insulation.

Ontario Locations: Barrie, Collingwood, Comber, Gravenhurst, Hamilton, Heathcote, Milton, Newmarket, Ottawa, Port Perry, Woodstock

Sales & Distribution

Mill Street & Co. Sales & Distribution Division operates wholesale, business-to-business and retail sales and distribution services across North America servicing the industrial, construction and document destruction  markets.

Products/Services: Waste and document destruction products, construction supplies, wooden warehouse pallets.

Ontario Locations: Barrie, Toronto (North York)

United States Locations: Phoenix (AZ), Irving (TX), and Charlotte (NC)

Financial Services

Mill Street & Co. Financial Services Division provides essential risk management services and credit reporting to customers across North America.

Services: Credit Reporting, Risk Management

Canadian Locations: Mississauga