Our team at Mill Street & Co. is comprised of like-minded capital investment professionals coming together to bring the highest level of service and opportunity to our investors, and business partners across Canada. Our foundation for creating a successful investment capital business is based on the adherence to six key core values. This strong resolve to conducting business in the most ethical way possible has helped Mill Street & Co. develop a reputation as one of the most respected capital investment companies in Canada.

Mill Street & Co. investment company is committed to creating real wealth for its investor and business partners. We deliver above-average returns for our investors by making informed investment decisions and engaging in active investment management. In selecting our investments, we conduct careful research and analysis across a broad range of market sectors and geographies, while adhering to our six core values when making final business decisions.

Loyalty to our Partners/Relationships: The team at Mill Street & Co. is loyal to our investor partners and any business relationships we have taken on. The guiding principle of relationship over money is a different approach for a traditional capital investment company, but the team believes that money without loyalty is not worth having. We work with companies and investors who adhere to their own set of strong core values.

Integrity & Honesty: Integrity and honesty will be at the forefront of all communications with you, and on your behalf… always.

Generosity: The working premise is that our company will give more than we receive. Whether this is time spent on philanthropic ventures or time spent bringing value to our stakeholders, our contacts should always leave a meeting with more value than that with which they came.

Persistence: We will never stop until the job is done to the satisfaction of our partners and investors. We don’t know the meaning of giving up and will drive your interests forward until a positive resolution is achieved.

Pursuit of Knowledge: We believe that the constant pursuit of knowledge is the only way to lead a successful life. We apply this thinking to each and every business in which we invest. We will work tirelessly to understand your particular needs and strive to develop the best capital management strategy for your future and the future of our investors.

Family: We believe that success is defined by building both a career as well as a family life. A person should not sacrifice time with their family for only money or any other superficial thing.

We value family above all else and once you are a part of our team, that is exactly what you are… FAMILY. While intelligent investment and capital growth is at the forefront of what we do, we ensure that any business deal and/or relationship adheres to the core values we, as a business, have created. We strongly believe that these core values are what has, and will continue to, differentiate us from our competition

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