Partnerships Based on Shared Core Values



As a successful investment company in Toronto, Mill Street & Co. working with entrepreneurs and high net worth investors, creating smart business partnerships and opportunities that yield real wealth. In the ever-growing equity investment industry, we attract the right opportunities that meet our formula for creating shareholder value. Our team at Mill Street & Co. has a unique and disciplined approach to investments that has consistently yielded strong returns for our investors and even stronger partnerships.

“We make all investment decisions based on how they reflect our core values,” says Noah Murad, President. “Our company’s founding values such as integrity, honesty and constantly pursuing knowledge, are our guiding principles and our differentiating factor. We believe that a co-operative spirit allows us to succeed together with our business partners and those who invest with us. We recognize the value that others bring to a relationship, just as we are confident in the expertise we offer in return.”

We understand that in today’s markets it’s about bigger, faster, more… but if “more” comes at the cost of sacrificing core values, or falls outside our definition of a worthy invesetment, we truly believe that it is not a risk worth taking. The success built through our Toronto investment company and the reputation we have fostered continues to attract potential partners who are aligned with our way of doing business with honour, integrity and transparency. You can see that commitment reflected not only in the way we select our partners, but in how we continue to trust in the knowledge and experience that they bring to the table, as we work together to create a strong growth strategy that will yield strong, sustainable results over the long-term.

By investing in Mill Street, our investors join a long-term partnership designed to build real wealth and value. Combining knowledge and resources ensures that all involved share equally in any risks as well as the rewards. If we win…our partners win. It’s that simple and in today’s Canadian economy, we all value the opportunity to generate wealth for our future investments.

About Mill Street & Co.

Mill Street & Co. is a diversified investment company committed to creating sustainable, long-term growth through the intelligent application and management of capital. Mill Street actively manages its investments with the goal of providing its investors with stable returns exceeding major indices and mutual funds. Mill Street invests primarily by purchasing equity positions in private and public companies.

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”
– Benjamin Franklin