Crucial Strategy to Safeguard Long-term Investments

Succession planning is a vital, yet often undervalued process for many Greater Toronto Area businesses, but one that could provide investors with the peace-of-mind and the level of confidence they need to stay invested.

Mill Street & Co. understands that while succession planning is crucial, most small companies do not have a comprehensive “exit” strategy. In fact, a recent CFIB poll shows that only 9% of Canadian small business owners have a formal succession plan.

That’s where Mill Street & Co. comes into the picture.

Without a strong transition plan, most companies will fail before they even have the chance to close. While many companies may not have a family member or trusted advisor willing to take over the responsibility of a company, they are not apt to sit back idly and watch their dreams and hard work fade. Companies such as Toronto’s Mill Street & Co, breathe new life into many Canadian businesses and give them the gift of a lasting legacy.


More than Just a Canadian Capital Investment Company

When Mill Street & Co. invests in a company, it often does so with a long-term vision in mind. Not only do they look for companies that can provide immediate value to Mill Street investors, they look for partners that can stand the test of time and provide extended value through a strong continued growth trajectory.

Working together with business owners during any transition, but especially as owners transition to retirement, is key to both maximizing knowledge while minimizing disruption. While it is vital to be passionate and emotionally attached when building a business, the most difficult decisions, and the ones that are for the best for the financial stability of the company, are often the ones that can’t be made with emotion. A Capital Investment Company, such as Mill Street & Co. of Toronto, Ontario, focuses on helping business owners transition to retirement through strategic consulting and eventual management of the business. Partnering with Mill Street & Co. gives business owners peace-of-mind that their investments will not only continue, but thrive.

Mill Street & Co. of Toronto is simply a different type of Capital Investment Company. Where the team looks to make intelligent investments, they also understand that they are investing in people just as much as they are investing in companies. That is never more important than when helping businesses owners “exit” from a business they have built and cared for, gracefully. While we are financially responsible to our investors, we are also morally responsible to those seeking our guidance and support; and we take this responsibility very seriously and with the confidence that only experience can bring.

About Mill Street & Co.

Mill Street & Co. is a diversified investment company committed to creating sustainable, long-term growth through the intelligent application and management of capital. Mill Street actively manages its investments with the goal of providing its investors with stable returns exceeding major indices and mutual funds. Mill Street invests primarily by purchasing equity positions in private and public companies.

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