Perspectives No. 6

The notion of wealth and success is very much a relative concept. Our tendency to compare ourselves to the people and things around us, regardless of whether we know them personally…

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Aligned Interests

"Asking yourself what a person has to gain and lose in a situation should lead to the decision to associate more often with people who truly want what is best…

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Invest Wisely

"The decision of where one invests their capital is the single most important decision related to financial wealth creation, yet most people invest in assets and after the fact cannot…

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Perspectives No. 5

Assessing our own financial risk tolerance is extremely difficult to do. It not only requires an understanding of our own personal financial picture but also a deeper understanding of our…

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Perspectives No. 4

The private equity, venture capital, and the investment industry, in general, have adopted "earnings multiples" as the de facto valuation method for making a capital investment in businesses, whether public…

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Perspectives No. 3

It has been proven that we blindly trust experts and authority figures. The more "letters" next to a name on a business card, the better. This third edition in the…

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