Using ROI Beyond Wealth Generation: Balancing Life & Work

Oftentimes, the main goal of wealth generation is to reduce the amount of hours you need to work to sustain your lifestyle. This can be achieved through smart capital investments and proper management of the ROI. However, the benefits of using the ROI to strike a balance between life and work, and its ability to improve the lives of one’s family is often overlooked.

For the average investment firm in Toronto for example, the common notion is to calculate the client’s risk tolerance and have them invest in applicable assets. While this may or may not lead to a ‘meaningful return’ (that is to say, a return large enough to reduce work hours), it usually doesn’t come with a plan for reinvesting the ROI outside of acquiring more assets. This happens because there is often a difference of interests between the investment firm and the client. While more wealth generation is always welcome, an investment firm is unlikely to suggest using the ROI to balance work and home life in regards to the client’s specific circumstances and desires.

Social gatherings such as family reunions, birthday parties, and weddings, etc. are all functions that could easily be missed due to long or unusual work hours. This means that it is important for some of your ‘meaningful returns’ (i.e. your ROI that can reduce your work hours) to go towards finding a balance between your work, and the things that truly matter to you – such as family, friends, leisure, etc. This not only means using the ROI to free up time for what is important to you, but it also means that you need to know what’s important enough to be worth freeing up time for.

This is not something that an investment firm, a brokerage, or even another family member is able to determine for you. Instead it requires an introspective look into what matters to you the most, and the drawing up of a plan for how time can be set aside to make room for those matters of importance. Take Noah Murad for example – the CEO of Mill Street & Co. For him, nothing is more important than family. For this reason he places the utmost value on time spent with his family; meaning that he uses part of the wealth generation from his ROI to free up time and resources to spend with them.

While Noah Murad has the option of using his ROI to make another smart capital investment, which could contribute to further wealth generation (or not, such is the nature of investing), he instead opts to use some of it for the immediate benefit of his family. This provides him with a guaranteed return of happiness from himself and his family, instead of the potential return of more wealth that fully reinvesting his ROI into more smart capital might net him. For Noah Murad and many others, the balance between family and work is worth more than pure wealth generation.

In other words, once you have determined what is of value to you, you are able to properly value your time. This means that as you look to generate wealth through smart capital investments, you can add the balancing of your work and home life to your decision making process. This helps tremendously when deciding if an investment is worth it or not, as a desirable and meaningful goal for the ROI (the balance of life with work) has been established.

If you would like to learn about smart capital investment strategies for wealth generation, or more about how to use your ROI to balance your work and home life, stop by the Mill Street & Co. website. This is where the CEO, Noah Murad, shares his thoughts and insights on modern investing and business management. The Mill Street & Co. website also includes an online knowledge base, which is a fantastic resource for those who are looking for more information regarding investing, financial planning, and risk management.

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